Product Development

Our formulation expertise is what sets Pacific Nutritional apart from other manufacturers, bringing decades of formulating experience to each product we manufacture.

We evaluate your combination of ingredients and help you put together the ideal formula. By working closely health care professionals for many years, we have extensive knowledge of nutritional and botanical ingredients to help you be successful in the marketplace.

How to Begin

Need assistance selecting active ingredients? We can do that! Want to know what flavors work best with your formula? We can do that! With our expertise in the industry and knowledge of cutting-edge ingredients, we can help you fine- tune your formula to maximize its potential, contact us.

1. Determine Product Ingredients

The first step is to select the ingredients for your product. Our knowledgeable staff can help you optimize your formula for efficacy and cost.

2. Order Size

The next step is to determine the approximate size of your order. We recom- mend a standard minimum batch size of at least 300,000 capsules or tablets to optimize manufacturing and testing costs. Actual batch sizes are determined on a per product basis.


All labeling materials—labels, stickers, hang tags, sensor tags, etc.—are supplied by the customer. The PNI Sales Team can answer your labeling questions and refer you to graphic designers experienced in designing labels for dietary supplements as well as experienced printers in label production. Just ask, we’re here to help!

Supplying Labels

Customers are responsible for providing labels that comply with all regulations. We suggest that you have your labels reviewed by legal counsel. Please include enough labels for the number of bottles ordered, plus an additional 10% to cover losses during labeling.

Label Specifics
  • Pressure sensitive labels.
  • Delivered as a #4 rewind.
  • Spacing between labels on the roll should be between 1/8” and 1⁄4”.
  • We prefer a non-UV-coated area on the label for printing the expiration date and lot number. Minimum size is 1⁄4” x 1 1⁄4” and may appear vertically or horizontally on the label.